Kid’s gender and you will ages certain bmi (BMI) z-results was indeed determined with the Globe Wellness Businesses (WHO) gains site

Kid’s gender and you will ages certain bmi (BMI) z-results was indeed determined with the Globe Wellness Businesses (WHO) gains site


Started Steps Number (SC)-T2 actions and you will hobby big date pedometers (Steps Count, Deep Lake milf sites, ON) were used determine PA in children and moms and dads. That it pedometer, which is automatically identical to the Walk for a lifetime pedometer, features displayed a great accuracy and accuracy for the adults and children 5–eleven decades-dated . New Sc-T2 pedometers possess a beneficial step three-s decrease setting to reduce erroneous steps because of jostling. Players one to conveyed this new pedometer wasn’t joining tips securely was in fact designated given that lost for the entire five weeks. Those people that expressed it forgot to get the fresh pedometer towards the to possess a significant time period (we.elizabeth., more step 3 h) was flagged which day’s measurement is marked while the missing. Really people (90 %) dressed in new pedometers to possess four straight days as well as three weekdays plus one sunday go out (62 %) as directed. Average tips was in fact computed as mean over the counted days.

Physical activity questionnaires

Moms and dads stated its child’s PA utilising the Group survey, which has shown appropriate psychometric attributes when you look at the ten–twelve season olds . Mothers shown how often (volume weekly) and for just how long (within a few minutes) the youngster usually really does well-known factors in the present 12 months. Because questionnaire is made in australia, those activities and wording was altered to-be connected to a beneficial Canadian perspective and you may integrated diving, football, ballet/dancing, gymnastics, skating, hockey, bike riding, fitness center items, energetic play, “other”. Average PA for the minute/time try determined to possess whole month. The fresh new altered type of it questionnaire was used in the first analysis related to these types of players (SHAPEs) [31, 32]. The Godin Spare time Exercise Questionnaire was used determine parents’ leisure-day MVPA. Parents claimed how frequently (frequency a week) they do strenuous and you may modest do it for more than fifteen minute throughout their leisure time. Discover a total metabolic equivalent (MET) rating, new strenuous get are increased by 9, the brand new moderate rating was increased because of the 5, and they two scores was summed. To get similar to the measures/big date measure, average METS/day try computed. So it tool try better-situated features exhibited authenticity and accuracy study .


Weight and height were measured twice and recorded to the nearest .1 kg and .1 cm, respectively. If a discrepancy existed between the two measurements (>.5 cm for height; >.2 kg for weight), a third measurement was taken and the three measurements were averaged. The BMI z-score was used to categorize children as non-overweight (?1), overweight/obese (?1.01). Parental height and weight were self-reported, which was used subsequently to calculate BMI and group individuals as non-overweight (<25 kg/m 2 ), overweight/obese (? kg/m 2 ) . For both the children and parents, the non-overweight category included participants who could be classified as “thin” (children n = 87) or “underweight” (parents n = 10) or “healthy”. A weight status homogeneity variable was created by coding parents and children with the same weight status (i.e., both overweight/obese, both non-overweight) as 1 and those with a different weight status as 0.

12 months

Given the determine regarding year into PA [30, 45], the year of the evaluation date and you will very first done day’s pedometer measurement was in fact determined. Winter months is actually defined as December so you can March, spring once the March in order to Get, summer because the Summer so you’re able to August, and trip/slide just like the Sep so you can November.


Children’s date of birth was used to determine age in years. Parent gender was recorded for the parent who wore the pedometer. Gender homogeneity was created by coding parents and children with the same gender (i.e., both female, both male) as 1 and those with the opposite gender as 0. Household income was categorized into < $80,000 per year and > $80,000 per year for our analyses based on the approximate median income level in Alberta . Parent education was categorized as “has not completed college/university”, “completed college/university”, and “completed graduate degree” for descriptive purposes and “no graduate degree” and “completed graduate degree” for the main analysis.

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