We are a local family company with a professional vibe.

Harry’s is a family-owned chain of convenience stores spread across Tennessee and Georgia. Started in 1991 in Cleveland, the company now operates over 40+ stores and multiple diverse business. Harry’s family is committed to serve Tennessee and Georgia community and each customer that walks into our stores with exceptional customer service and the finest products. It’s not just a cup of coffee, cheap gas, beer, or cigarettes at the lowest prices, we at Harry’s aim, to cater to the needs of each customer individually while building lasting relationship with the community.

  • Inception


    Harry's #1 is established in Cleveland, TN by Hasmukh Patel assistant with his brother Dipak Patel.

  • Grocery Stores and Tobacco Mart

    1993 - 1996

    Two Grocery Stores and Seven Tobacco Mart were added in Chattanooga / Cleveland area.

  • Acquisitions

    1996 - 1998

    Seven further gas stations were added to the portfolio and "60 total jobs added to the community.

  • Development


    First Harry's Convenience Store was designed and built in Chattanooga.

  • Further Expansion

    2001 - 2006

    Five Convenience stores were added in Crossville, Harriman, Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN. Harry's leadership was further solidified in 2004 from Saurin Patel (Harry's Nephew).

  • Restaurants

    2007 - 2015

    Rio Picante in downtown Chattanooga was opened. Further nine convenience stores were added during the same time frame. Another family member joined the business, Dipak's son Harsh Patel.

  • Commercial Land Development

    2015 - 2019

    Two residential neighborhoods were developed in Chattanooga and further acquisition of two shopping center in Chattanooga and Cleveland, 4 Hotels were acquired in Gutlinburg, TN during the same period. Harry's leadership was futher fueled by Harry's son Arjun Patel.

  • Corporate Sponsors

    2015 - 2019

    Harry's group became the primary sponsors of Riverbend, annual music festival in Chattanooga, TN. Harry's group partners with local schools and community centers to give back.

  • Wholesale


    They created a new business unit with acquisition of two warehouses for C store wholesale business. ~250 new jobs were added to the Community.

  • Future

    2020 - Beyond

    The company has a proposed plan for adding 40 new locations in the next five years within the community and divulging into new business units adding ~120 new jobs .